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Sign Petition... Make Cradle Signage Mandatory

According to UNICEF there are approx 30 million orphaned or abandoned children, 9 out of 10 abandoned is a girl child. When they get abandoned (a majority immediately after birth), they are thrown in an inhuman manner - thrash, garbage, bushes, waste bins, roadside, etc. The newborns who are thrown away barely covered. They are exposed to extreme temperatures, rains, insect bites, injuries etc. This impacts their overall health and wellbeing until they recieve a help. Many children died in past due to lack of help or support.

I would like to bring to your attention to make a cradle signage mandatory display for hospital, adoption agency, orphanages, foster care homes, children day cares etc. This signage is similar to signage of hospital or pharamcy store which is visible from distance 24/7 and 365 days. It should be promoted actively by the govt machineries so that even if people want to abandon their kids they drop them atleast to a place where they could receive basic primary care.


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