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IEP Ambassador Weaving the 8 Pillars of Peace through Ambassador Peace Projects

Published on Vision of Humanity

The All-India Management Association (AIMA) is the apex body for management in India, with over 38,000 members and close to 6,000 corporate and institutional partners through 67 affiliated Local Management Associations. As Chairman of the Mumbai Chapter of AIMA YLC, Vidyadhar Prabhudesai conducted a presentation describing the Positive Peace Index and its impact on economic value. This presentation explained the conceptual background, economic impact of violence, trends, economic progress and peace aspects of the report to more than 70 chosen leaders from academia, business, art and entrepreneurship at the virtual event. It educated and created awareness about the economic impact of peace among Vidyadhar’s peers, friends and colleagues who are already achieving in their respective fields. His intention was to influence business leaders and reframe their thinking about business practices.

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