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NO Adoption in INDIA!Reason Explained|Vidhyadhar Prabhudesai - cofounder - ADOPT INDIA| TLRS EPS 20

NO Adoption in INDIA!Reason Explained|Vidhyadhar Prabhudesai - cofounder - ADOPT INDIA| TLRS EPS 20

Welcome to ‘The Lincia Rosario Show' join us as we uncover another brilliant mind. Girls are Unwanted in India during adoption?, Were ‘Lord Krishna and Sita Adopted?, Is there an act for adoption?Reasons for less adoptions in India. Can we leave the child back in the adoption center if as a parent we are unable to connect with the child emotionally? Many of these unanswered, shocking and thought provoking questions on adoption have been addressed today by Mr.Vidhyadhar Prabhudesai- the founder of Adopt India and founder of LeadCap, he's the recipient of Thane Gaurav, second highest civilian award instituted by Thane Municipal Corporation who has himself adopted and added a beautiful daughter forming a lovely family. He's with us today to unveil the various loopholes and challenges in the legal adoption system or India. Why do many parents fall victim to the route of adopting children through illicit means and also talk about many other eye opening real life occurrences in the subject of adoption. Watch the full episode to find out everything about Adoption in India!  You can also find 'The Lincia Rosario Show' on  SPOTIFY: AMAZON MUSIC: GOOGLE PODCAST: APPLE PODCAST You can also connect with me on  X: INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK : LINKEDIN : YOUTUBE: VIDYADHAR PRABHUDESAI socials Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: Timestamps:  00:00: Precap × TLRS intro 01:03: Welcome Mr. Vidhyadhar Prabhudesai- Co founder Adopt India & founder- LeadCap 02:05: Is there an Adoption act in India? 03:51: Reasons for Low Adoption Rates in India! 06:07: Adoption Centre Rackets & Scams 08:49: What's inside Adoption Centers? 09:48: Time & Cost for Adoption 11:31: the battle of genders in adoption! 12:42: Why is Surrogacy preferred more than Adoption? 13:50: Why Should India Adopt? 15:40: What are the challenges faced in adoption? 17:19: Can a child be left back in the adoption center? 20:11: Vidhyadhar's and brands advocating & promoting adoption 24:26: Solutions that we need for India to adopt 26:41: Conclusion! About: The Lincia Rosario Show:Welcome to The Lincia Rosario Show! Where we are uncovering lives of brilliant minds. The guests who will be joining me are great visionaries, cool artists, and  trailblazing business folks, mainly people from every walk of life. I'm all about digging into their stories and finding out what makes them special and unique. Each and every episode will be a shot of clarity, motivation, inspiration, knowledge and joy. Let's roll!!
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