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2020 Through My Lens: A Year Of Patience, Resilience And Transformation

For me, 2020 was a year of patience, resilience and transformation. While there was some success on the professional front, I witnessed the biggest loss of my life – my mother who passed away in October.

The first three months of the pandemic taught me to be patient and more outward-looking, explore more opportunities for revenue just to survive. Having sailed through the first three, I started on transforming myself and invested heavily in learning new things, speaking at events and sharing outcomes through writing.

The last three months were the most painful where the deadly disease infected all family members and my mother, unfortunately, failed to fight back.

This phase has been toughest for me in a decade of my entrepreneurial journey and it almost left me emotionally broken. I got some sunshine in December through global recognition. It brought a ray of hope for me. It inspired me to get back, transform myself once again and keep looking forward to a positive 2021.

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